Channel letters are eye-catching and the most preferred choice when it comes to exterior signs. These signs are usually used as fixtures on parts of a building. Channel letter signs enhance the overall look of the sign itself and add a lighting effect on the surrounding building façade. You can choose from different types of channel letters like standard channel letter, open face channel letter, reverse channel letter and black/white channel letter. Each type has its unique characteristics.



Visiting your business should be as easy as possible for your customers. Guide them clearly, with outdoor and indoor directories and directional signs.

Directional and way-finding signs are a key consideration when planning your facilities, promotions and events. The public should be able to find the shopping center, housing development, office building, retail store, event, or office suite easily with directional signage.

These directional signs should be large and easily visible at a distance, should carry your brand’s logo and color scheme, and if possible, be illuminated.



Well-designed lighting can enhance all aspects of the human experience. Not only does it provide an understanding of form, space, and material but it also affects our senses, our emotions, our health and well- being. At NGS Signs, we provide creative, energy-efficient lighting solutions for all types of projects. Our well-planned lighting schemes are fully integrated with the architecture, provide visual comfort and are adapted to the needs of the end-user while creating spaces that are inspiring and responsive


LED’s are the way of the future, with eco-friendly lighting that will last longer,
and be much more cost-effective on your electric bill. 

We manufacture, maintain and repair any LED signs. Single color and full color LED signs available in any size and shape.

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