Pylon Signage posts are a good way to get your business noticed, and are sometimes referred to as a Totem Pole, Main Identifier or Pylon tower A Pylon sign is a relatively tall signage advertising structure at the side of a shop, gate, bridge, or business avenue, Pylon signs usually mark an entrance or approach.


In recent times we have seen a constant growth in the usage of Pylon signage structure. Pylons signs are very easy to install and maintain. We specialize in custom-designed pylon signage services. This is the often best way to get your business noticed ahead of your competitors.


A pylon sign offers high impact visibility and low maintenance exposure for your business. Our Pylons range from as small as a 2m indoor Pylon, right up to a 16-meter high Pylon signs, supplied as a bare structure, or a fully cladded, illuminated and branded structure, with Naming logo at the top, as well a catering for multi-tenant positions on the pylon sign itself.



Like many shiny objects, the human eye is delightfully drawn to light. Lightbox Signs are a uniquely effective way to brand and draw attention to your business 24/7. Great for under awnings in high-traffic areas, making you easy to find from the street or the road. Inside they can highlight your brand above counters and reception areas. Giving your brand a polished professional look.

Digitally printed translucent graphics illuminated and with opal acrylic or polycarbonate faces, lightboxes are an extremely flexible format that is custom built to your specifications.

NGS Signs can supply light boxes in all formats, from slimline edge-lit for a retail display to double-sided under awning lightboxes, wall-mounted lightboxes, and flex face illuminated billboards.

Not only can we design and build your lightbox or illuminated sign, but we can also install and connect as well, using fully licensed electricians.


vinyl application

NGS Signs offers our customers high-quality vinyl printing and cutting services. Whether it is a small vinyl decal sticker or large shopfront window graphic.


NGS Signs has the experience to deliver a quality product. We offer design, print, digital cutting and installation services for all types of vinyl applications.

Vinyl is vinyl some might say. Not so in today’s ever demanding and cost-focused marketing and display industries. To get the best return for your marketing and display budget it is essential that you choose the correct product for your required application. Vinyl quality, adhesion properties, and color fastness vary according to the intended use. The lowest price is not always the cheapest in the medium to long term

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